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Industry-Leading Sales Performance Management Software for Growth Market and Enterprise Organizations.

Incentive Compensation Management • Sales Performance Management Software • Sales Planning • Territory and Quota Planning • Sales Compensation

501 - 1000


• Develop GenAI-powered solutions to meet product goals, employing various techniques such as prompt engineering, RAG-based systems, and model fine-tuning. • Design and implement system architectures tailored to product needs, considering key aspects like AI safety, cost efficiency, and response latency. • Collaborate closely with other technical stakeholders and team leaders to define and refine system designs and implementation strategies. • Build robust and scalable GenAI solutions, integrating best practices and the latest technologies to ensure reliability, scalability, and accuracy. • Develop and build datasets and solutions to evaluate and enhance model performance, ensuring high standards of accuracy and utility in real-world applications. • Select the optimal model architecture for different project requirements, ranging from embeddings to out-of-the-box models and API use cases. • Work with cross-functional teams to seamlessly integrate AI technologies into existing and new products. • Ensure compliance with data privacy laws and ethical guidelines in the design and deployment of AI models. • Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in generative AI and prompt engineering, incorporating innovative practices into the development lifecycle. • Collaborate with other senior engineers to integrate GenAI systems into the broader corporate platform, ensuring cohesive technology development. • Develop evaluation frameworks to objectively assess the quality of model outputs and the overall user experience. • Facilitate the transition from prototype to production, collaborating with product management and engineering teams to ensure smooth rollouts of new features. • Mentor team members, sharing insights and best practices for AI product development to foster skill enhancement and professional growth within the team. • Engage actively with the AI community, integrating recent findings into our projects. • Establish metrics for success and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and drive the effectiveness of AI-driven features. • Independently lead multiple projects and teams.


• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Engineering, or a relevant technical field • 10+ years of professional software development experience, with expertise in Python and advanced scripting methodologies • Demonstrated leadership in managing dynamic, high-paced software development projects with a focus on innovation and robust delivery • Extensive experience in designing and implementing continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) systems, adept at navigating complex technical environments • Advanced mastery in test-driven development (TDD), skilled in orchestrating scalable and maintainable unit testing strategies • Ability to mentor junior staff and lead cross-functional teams to achieve strategic objectives effectively • Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration across multidisciplinary teams and with external partners • Ability to quickly adapt to new APIs, tools and technologies • Demonstrate hands-on experience working with large language models (LLMs) • Programming skills in Python • Experience in prompt engineering and deploying AI models in production environments • Exceptional ability to develop AI solutions using LLMs • Deep expertise in the latest innovations in generative AI and natural language processing • Practical experience with RAG-based systems and different model architecture decisions • Experience with fine-tuning and optimizing advanced AI systems, with a strong emphasis on performance improvements and scalability


• An annual education allowance • No meeting Wednesday • ​Flex Fridays • Generous time off (including your birthday) • Employee and Family Assistance • Amazing colleagues to learn from

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