Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Media

July 4

🔄 Hybrid – Toronto

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Loblaw Digital

Rooted in legacy. Driven by data. Designed for real life.

Digital Marketing • Software Development • E-Commerce • Responsive Design • Category Management

201 - 500


• Build robust, scalable, high performance Prediction, optimization and Recommendation ML solutions based on massive structured and unstructured data from various sources. • Collaborate with ML platform and product engineers to build scalable and efficient machine learning systems in the production environment. • Work cross-functionally with product and business teams on new innovative features for ad targeting and bidding to optimize advertisement performance as well as gather data and requirement and define success. • Provide mentorship to other members of the team. • Represent the team with technical leadership in collaborations with other software development teams


• MS or PhD in a STEM field — especially computer science — or equivalent work experience in a Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer or closely related role. • Strong experience with advanced data science analytics and machine learning best practices. • Work experience on deploying machine learning models and tracking performance in production by following software development standards. • Creative, resourceful, and productive problem-solver. • Able to work independently and collaboratively. • Passion for building ML solutions to fluid, open-ended problems. • Previous experience building large scale Search Models as well as ranking/recommendation systems. • Previous experience working in Adtech and NLP is a plus. • Comfortable with advanced SQL querying. • Proficient in Python and familiar with a compiled language. • Experience with big-data tools, e.g. Spark, Beam, Kafka. • Experience with data viz tools such as Tableau, Looker, etc.


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